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Our range of handcrafted soaps is made to treat you and your skin, from morning washing-ups to evening relaxing baths. Our Handmade Candles are Vegan and great for the environment and your health! You will not find any soot or toxins that come from our candles.We are sure that using soap should be a pleasant experience

Our soaps are our best sellers, they are made with Goat milk soap or our glycerin soap, either way, you will love how they get your body clean and healthy and smell amazing all day long.

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Our candles are made with natural scents and 100% soy wax. These beautiful additions to your cozy home are made with care and craft. If you have any questions or special requests, feel free to get in touch with us.

Custom and Bulk Orders Available

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Our Candles are made solely with pure soy wax and an all-natural oil fragrance. Our candles will give you the purest scent throughout your home. Our Eco-friendly candles will give you 40-60 hours of even burn time, depending on the size of candle you get. 

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