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  • When you become a consultant you will get a website to sell products and earn a commission. You can share this website on social media such as Facebook and other advertising outlets to promote your sales and build your team to grow your business. creating your own group or business page for yourself is suggested. 

  • You can share and sell online, in person, have parties, hold events, craft shows.

  • Make new friends with customers, hosts, and other consultants by sharing the benefits of our Rejuvenate by Jenna products and inviting them to join your team.

  • You will also earn commission on all the customer reorders, Keeping in touch with your customers and team each month will help you earn monthly recurring income while you build and grow your business. 


In order to be eligible to join you must:

  • be at least 18 years of age

  • be a legal citizen of the United States

  • have a valid social security number and or a US Tax ID number

  • *Inactive consultants for 60 days will lose access to the website (I pay for this site out of pocket for you)


What we offer:

  • No Inventory requirements

  • $10 minimums Monthly sale

  • Achievable, easy to understand the Compensation plan

  • Get paid your commission once you hit a $20 Payout.

  • Your own website with shopping cart 

  • Earn Free Products

  • Choose Your Hours

  • Simple and affordable shipping

  • Low-cost starter kits packed with everything you need for your first party

  • Recruit 

  Rejuvenate by Jenna Consultant Agreement

Congratulations and welcome to Rejuvenate by Jenna. We are thrilled you are joining us as Rejuvenate by Jenna Independent Consultant.

This agreement is a legal document that explains the relationship between Rejuvenate by Jenna LLC and yourself as a Rejuvenate by Jenna Independent Consultant. You should understand what you can expect from your Consultant relationship with Rejuvenate by Jenna and what we expect in return.

This document explains your responsibilities and our responsibilities and will be guided by the terms, policies, and conditions outlined below.


A Little Bit About Rejuvenate by Jenna LLC 

Rejuvenate by Jenna is located in Lagrange, Georgia where all our fragrance products are made for you and your customers in our own facility. All our wax fragrance products are made from pure 100% natural soy wax and premium body-safe fragrance oils without the use of paraffin, dyes, additives, or lead wicks. We hand pour and make fresh for every order, candles, melts, sprays, and all the other fragrance products. We then package them and send them off for you and your customers to enjoy. All product ingredients are made in the USA. We work very hard to make sure you get an exceptional long-lasting, big, robust fragrance throw from every fragrance in the entire product line. We strive to keep Rejuvenate by Jenna prices competitive to ensure the best value available anywhere. Simply put we sell a better product at a better price, who doesn't love that! You should have complete confidence in the quality, safety, and value of every Rejuvenate by Jenna product. This is what you can expect from Rejuvenate by Jenna.


Rejuvenate by Jenna reserves the right to terminate any Consultant who violates this agreement. If a consultant is found in violation of this agreement the candle shack will contact the consultant and make a prudent effort to resolve any issues, however, if necessary to protect the candle shack program and only after prudent effort to resolve the problem, the candle shack will at its sole discretion terminate the candle shack  Independent Consultant relationship. You also maintain the right to terminate the relationship for any reason at any time. Upon termination, you lose all rights to promote market, and sell the candle shack products, and can no longer use or represent the candle shack name. You will also lose any right to future bonuses and royalty from your downline team. You will be paid any bonus and royalty earnings up to the day of termination if applicable.


The Rules

It is understood by both parties that you as an Independent Consultant for the candle shack are acting as an independent contractor. This means you are your own boss, you set your own schedule, you pay your own expenses, you are in charge of your own destiny, and you are responsible to pay your state and federal taxes for your business. You understand that you are not an employee, legal representative, or partner of Rejuvenate by Jenna LLC. You further understand that you are not authorized to represent yourself as such and you are not allowed to incur any debt on the company's behalf.

Even though as a Rejuvenate by Jenna Consultant you are your own business we ask that you agree to respect and uphold Federal, State, City law, and even HOA ordinances. We expect all Rejuvenate by Jenna Independent Consultants to be respectful and act with honesty and integrity with your customers, the law, your friends and neighbors, and all of the candle shack team.

This agreement is a legally binding document between Rejuvenate by Jenna LLC and yourself and is not transferable.

Rejuvenate by Jenna reserves the right to change and update this agreement, its terms, policies, and procedures, and the compensation plan as may be needed from time to time. You will be notified of any changes made to these agreements and you have the right to disagree and cancel your Consultant relationship.

You are responsible to collect any applicable sales tax at the time of the sale of any Rejuvenate by Jenna products. The tax is based on the retail sales value and the local tax rate of the ship-to address for the sales order. 

You will remit the collected tax to Rejuvenate by Jenna and we will make the filing and pay the tax to the proper taxing authority.


Income Tax

It is clearly understood that as a Rejuvenate by Jenna Consultant you are acting as an Independent Contractor. As such you will not be treated as an employee for federal or state tax consideration. Each year Rejuvenate by Jenna will issue an IRS form 1099  or W2 for bonus and royalty earnings and incentive awards for all Consultants earning $600 or more.



Rejuvenate by Jenna does not charge a handling fee. Shipping of any order will leave our facility within a maximum of 5 days from the date you close the order except in the case of a backorder. We work very hard to get most orders out within just a few days. Tracking information is provided to you in your email, and other smart devices. The Candle Shack reserves the right to delay shipping orders on Thursday and Friday during hot weather conditions to manage the possibility of the shipment being held in a hot truck or warehouse over weekends and holidays.

United States 

USPS Going Rates


Order Submissions

We encourage you to submit orders as soon as possible after your sale or party. This allows us to make you look good with fast delivery. Remember that we hand pour wax fresh for your order and it must cure prior to shipping. No order is accepted without full payment of the product, sales tax, and shipping.


The commission will be paid per week via PayPal on your sales. 

You will get 25% off your own personal purchases but no commissions will be earned on those personal purchases. 

Prices of Rejuvenate by Jenna are set and should not go over the suggestive retail price. 

If any sales are offered, you will be notified in your email of such sales. 

We always have a 15% off using promo code at checkout “Deal15” 

Only one per email. 

Any business cards and other promotion-type tools will not be at the expense of Rejuvenate by Jenna offers free business cards or you can get them at vista print. Any logos used of Rejuvenate by Jenna should be only logos approved by Rejuvenate by Jenna LLC, please email to request it.



By Clicking and filling out the form you agree to the agreement above.

Consultant Levels, personal and team sales requirements, and associated Bonus commissions:

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