Why Shop at Rejuvenate by Jenna?

Our range of handcrafted soaps is made to treat you and your skin, from morning washing-ups to evening relaxing baths. Our Handmade Candles are Vegan and great for the environment and your health! You will not find any soot or toxins that come from our candles.We are sure that using soap should be a pleasant experience

Candles & Soaps

Bath & Body

Bath & Body

Bathing isn't just about cleansing your body. With our craft bars and... 



Our all-natural soy wax is free of any parabens Never do we... 


  • Lavender soap Tub

    Lavender Soap Tub

    Handmade Lavender soap comes in this beautiful galvanized soap dish

  • Matcha Soap

    Green Tea Soap (Matcha)

    Matcha is not only a delicious tea but also our new homemade soap, which we are proud to present to you. Matcha has a huge number of useful effects. It contains theanine and catechin. Theanine is considered to be a powerful yet gentle natural antidepressant. Catechin is a very powerful antioxidant that works to rejuvenate our body. Now you can experience all these benefits of matcha in our artisan soap.

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