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6 Easy Hairstyles For Long Hair With Simple Instructions

Elegant Updo for Extended Black Hair. Make them envious of how glossy your high ponytail and bent front parts look with your flowing, thick swirls.

French Twist with loose ends that is tousled. This messy ball of hair wrapped in the back might be your inspiration if you're searching for quick and simple hairstyles that can highlight a bushy mane.

A Chaotic Hairstyle. If you go the additional mile and tease the hair on the crown for some added volume, easy hairstyles with a carelessly twisted chignon will look stunning.

Waves of Romance with a Braided Bun. We now want to add a gorgeously braided and perfectly wrapped bun, put high enough to create a striking focal point, to our collection of simple hairstyles.

Darling Beauty. Girls, don't panic. You can easily pull off this look with a little bit of wrapping and pinning, and you're not even required to appear professional.

Half Up, Brigitte Bardot. Texture and volume, which can be obtained with a curling iron, texturizing spray, a claw clip, and a little styling magic, are the keys to this Bardot-inspired hairstyle.