7 Summer Skincare Tips for Oily Skin In 2024

It should function year-round. Wrong. If you have oily skin, you may need to switch to an acne-fighting cleanser in the summer, even if you don't break out. 

Change Cleansers

If you believe your sunscreen is causing oil, you may be using the incorrect sort. Try a mattifying mineral sunscreen with micronized zinc. 

Wear the Sunscreen

You may also be using too much product, which causes oiliness throughout the day. Break your everyday regimen into cleanser, moisturiser, sunscreen, and eye cream.

Keep It Simple

Exfoliating is essential to skin care. It's particularly crucial for oily skin to reduce oil production, remove dead skin cells, avoid blocked pores, and help skin absorb other oil-controlling treatments.

Exfoliate Weekly

Wearing heavy makeup in July is like wearing a coat in 100-degree temperatures. Many hefty full-coverage products dissolve into your pores and clog them. 

Skip Your Foundation

After changing your cleanser, you should replace your moisturiser. Winter's rich, creamy formulations are too heavy for summer. Look for a gel or water-based product for oily skin with molecularly hydrating 

Change Your Moisturizer

Schedule a monthly skin treatment or see a skin professional to manage oil in the summer. Zochowski Plastic Surgery in Columbus, OH provides skilled skin care to soothe sensitive skin

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