7 Things You Can t Do Once You Retire

1. Have Fun, but Be Responsible          As retirement approaches, you get excited about what's ahead. Finally, you'll sleep late for a week or two, putter around the house, and play golf.

2. Delay Home Downsizing In retirement, it's tempting to sell your home and relocate to a smaller one, especially if you need cash and have equity.

3. Don't Waste Savings Retirees frequently receive a much lower fixed income than they did when working. Spending like you're on vacation is simple with so much free time.

4. Keep Estate Planning in Mind Retirees often ignore end-of-life planning. However, it's crucial to organize your affairs so your family won't be burdened.

5. Don't expect constant relationships Your retirement will likely affect your children and grandkids because families are interdependent.

6. Try new things without fear Turn an interest into a career, work part-time, volunteer, go back to school, or take a class. Try new stuff! It's never too late to be entrepreneurial.

7. Resist Loneliness Social isolation can accompany retirement. According to US News, AARP claims that 45% of Americans over 65 are divorced, separated, or widowed.