8 Best Spa Weekend Getaways in the U.S.

Canyon Ranch Lenox

Situated in the Berkshires of Western Massachusetts, Canyon Ranch Lenox offers a comprehensive approach to wellness in a tranquil oasis. From fitness classes to nutrition consultations, guests can indulge in rejuvenating experiences surrounded by natural beauty.

Miraval Arizona

Nestled in the desert landscape of Arizona, Miraval offers a serene retreat for relaxation and rejuvenation. With a focus on wellness activities and expert practitioners, guests can immerse themselves in a range of experiences, from desert-inspired spa treatments to outdoor


Translating to "peaceful mountain" in Sanskrit, Amangiri is a modern desert marvel seamlessly integrated into its natural surroundings. Offering luxurious accommodations with stunning desert views, the resort features a 25,000-square-foot spa, guided group hikes, and gourmet dining experiences.

Red Mountain Resort

Located near Zion National Park, Red Mountain Resort offers a unique blend of spa treatments and outdoor adventures. Guests can choose from activities such as hiking, biking, and canyoneering, or simply relax by the pool and enjoy mountain scenery. Signature treatments include the Red Mountain Revitalizer

Mii Amo

Set amidst the energy vortexes of Sedona, Mii Amo offers personalized wellness journeys in a tranquil natural environment. Guests can participate in guided wellness classes, outdoor activities, and spa treatments tailored to their needs. The resort also offers health-conscious cuisine

The Lodge at Woodloch

This adults-only wellness resort in the Pocono Mountains offers a range of amenities for relaxation and rejuvenation. With a sprawling spa complex, gourmet dining options, and outdoor activities, guests can unwind amidst scenic mountain views. Accommodations feature contemporary decor

Castle Hot Springs

Nestled in a mountainous setting, Castle Hot Springs offers a balanced blend of spa treatments, outdoor activities, and farm-to-table dining. Guests can soak in mineral-rich hot springs, enjoy bespoke accommodations with outdoor decks, and socialize in communal areas. The resort's holistic approach

Inns of Aurora

Named among the best New York State resorts, Inns of Aurora offers a charming village-style retreat with world-class spa amenities. Guests can indulge in Ayurvedic-inspired treatments, hydrotherapy circuits, and holistic wellness services. The resort's serene setting overlooking Cayuga Lake