8 Budget-Friendly Bedroom Ideas to Make Your Space Look Chic

Try a Large-Scale Mural

Murals can sometimes overwhelm a space, but in the case of this small bedroom designed by Breeze Giannasio, the jungle-esque bamboo scene cocoons it in color.

Use a High-Contrast Palette

Blue and red are about as oppositional as it gets on the color wheel, but when paired in graphic patterns, they can breathe boldness into a small space. The trick is to incorporate tones of the colors in other elements of the room

Choose Airy Furniture

Furniture that has plenty of negative space think floating pieces or items with tall, narrow legs is excellent for small spaces because it takes up less visual space.

Make Symmetry Work for You

Mirroring design elements on either side of a room can help make it appear larger because there s less going on visually. Designer Liz Bonesio achieved this to perfection in this Nashville home s guest bedroom

Wallpaper the Ceiling

To draw eyes up and add personality without taking up valuable floor space, look to your ceiling. In this children s bedroom by Jasmine Crockett of Joy Meets Home, a small-scale floral adorns.

Leave the Walls Bare

Other than a mini wall sconce, designer Liz Bonesio kept the gray walls of this bedroom bare for a serene, calming atmosphere. The eclectic headboard and bedding bring all the pattern it needs.

Pile Books on the Floor

Stack up some coffee table books to use as a skinny side table. All you need to fit is a stylish nightlight and mood-setting candle, as shown in this small bedroom

Opt for a Trundle

This little trundle bed tucks right back under the bed when it isn't in use, "first thing in the morning," says Kaihoi. And they use that windowsill as a bedside table.