8 Gorgeous Pink Hairstyles to Rock Right Now

Blonde Pink Hair

Pastel hues like pink and rose gold are low-maintenance and can blend into warm blonde tones as they fade.

Purple, Orange, and Pink Blend

For a bolder look, consider a blend of purple, orange, and deep pink; note that these colors may require frequent salon.

Light Pink Champagne and Blonde Ombre

This subtle ombre effect involves lightening the ends of the hair to achieve a natural transition from blonde to pink.

Pink and Orange

For those who love bright colors, combining pink and orange creates a striking, eye-catching look.

Barely-there Pastel Pink Hair

A delicate metallic shade that complements ashier strands and olive skin tones beautifully, though it does require regular maintenance to retain its subtle allure.

Lavender Pink Hair

Opt for a bold pastel pink shade on platinum blonde hair to make a statement, ideal for fair skin tones seeking a vibrant change.

Fuchsia with Purple Shadow Root

This vivid pink hue with deep purple roots requires dedication to upkeep due to the quick fading of jewel tones.

Reddish Pink Hair

To maintain vivid colors like these, consider using toning conditioners between salon visits to extend the vibrancy of the shade.

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