8 Items You Will Need In Case of a Societal Collapse

Water Purification Equipment

Clean water is essential for living. The only water available may be doubtful. Water purification pills and portable filters help.

A Solid First-Aid Kit

Never undervalue a complete first-aid kit. First aid kits should include more than bandages and medications to prepare you for any medical crisis. 

Storable Food Supplies

Storage of non-perishable food is optimal for long-term survival. Stock up on canned veggies, protein-packed dry beans, and energy snacks. 

Reliable Shelter

Shelter that is weatherproof and safe is a priority. Your living place must give protection and comfort, whether it's a robust tent or the supplies and skills

Versatile Tools

A sturdy, lightweight multi-tool or pocketknife is invaluable in a survival situation. These tools are needed for cutting, mending, constructing, and protecting. 

Light Sources

A good headlamp or flashlight is essential in the dark. Safety and visibility after dark are key. Solar or crank-operated lights are sustainable and won't leave you in the dark

Navigation Aids

Imagine navigating without your phone's GPS. Traditional compass and waterproof maps are useful. They're your best pals for navigating a new environment. 

Fire Starters

Fire is essential to survival. It cooks, warms, and calls for aid. Make sure you have matches, lighters, or flint and steel to start one.