8 Movies That Are Supposed To Make You Uncomfortable


Friendships and strong connections among family members are not formed by secrets.

The Human Centipede Trilogy

One of those shows that most people seem to know a little bit about but not many have truly seen through to the end is The Human Centipede.


You assume at first that you know the storyline: He is meant to stand in for God, Mother for Mother Earth, and Man and Woman for Adam and Eve.

The Platform

Social experiments in films are often quite scary, even though they might be entertaining at times.

The Skin I Live In

Try sharing your story with Vera (or, perhaps more accurately, Vincente) in The Skin I Live In. Dr. Ledgard (Antonio Banderas), a deluded plastic surgeon, has been holding Vera captive for six years.


Gummo is only vaguely good to those who are fascinated by the hideous and disgusting lifestyles of individuals who don't know any better;

The Girl Next Door

It's one thing to watch a horror film and gag through a few parts, but when the words "based on a true story" appear on screen, it makes almost everyone feel queasy.

We Need to Talk About Kevin

Though nobody particularly wants to discuss it, we must talk about school massacres. Kevin tackles the task from the viewpoint of the mother of the teenage murderer.