8 Natural Hair Colors Recommended by Colorists

Dark Chocolate

A classic choice, dark chocolate enriches natural tones and suits many skin types due to its neutral hue. Achieved with a demi-permanent gloss, it enhances "mousey brown" shades without appearing too dark or unnatural.

Milk Chocolate

Milk chocolate offers a subtle, pastel-like brown with micro-lights on a neutral base. This shade is perfect for those seeking a brunette look without the heaviness of darker browns.


Reminiscent of end-of-summer warmth, chestnut is ideal for warmer skin tones. Achieve it with balayage techniques that lighten the ends, maintaining a low-maintenance style with occasional glossing to keep warmth in check.


Balancing between brown and blonde, caramel adds depth to brunette hair. Achieved by adding babylights to darker brown hair and finishing with a rich caramel gloss, it's a great option for brunettes looking to experiment with lighter tones.


Honey provides a flattering golden hue, perfect for blondes with neutral or peach undertones. Gloss over previously lightened blonde hair to achieve this sunny shade, or blend a light brown base with brighteners for a natural variation.


With hints of copper, auburn sits between medium brown and reddish tones. It complements various skin tones, though it requires careful application—pre-lightening followed by a copper gloss achieves the desired warm glow.


Rich and vibrant, copper hair reveals natural red pigments with a glossy finish. Best suited for fair skin tones, this shade enhances light eye colors, achieved by lightening the base and applying an intense copper gloss for depth and shine.

Strawberry Blonde

Ideal for fair skin with pink undertones and light eyes, regular glossing maintains its magical glow, making it a sought-after choice for those looking to brighten their look with subtle warmth.

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