8 Stylish Outdoor Wedding Hairstyles for women

Tousled Flower Crown

Pulls hair up off the neck and face with a romantic, whimsical look. Includes sprigs of flowers for coordination with the wedding ensemble.

Half Up Fishtail Braid

Elegant style combining a half-up look with a fishtail braid, ideal for showing off hair while keeping it off the face. Great for securing accessories.

Low Loose Twist

Sexy twist on a classic up-do, perfect for summer weddings. Provides height and volume while framing the face and shoulders.

Flowing Locks

Natural loose waves or styled locks, complemented with a leafy crown. Suitable for bohemian themes or botanical settings.

Braided Bun

Incorporates a braid into a curled bun, securing shorter layers and ensuring all-day hold. Extensions can be added for extra volume.

Loose Side Chignon

Low side bun with a 1920s glamor vibe. Perfect for incorporating accessories like headbands or veils.

Pinned Back

Create volume with loose curls that are pinned back into a beautiful chignon or twist. This style is ideal for shorter hair.

Bohemian Braided Up-do

For a bohemian vibe, braids that are loose and crisscrossed. Allows the strands to curl about the face and neck in a comfortable manner.

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