8 Things People Want Banned in the U.S.

Alabama: No Bear Wrestling

In Alabama, it's illegal to promote or participate in bear wrestling matches, including selling tickets or training bears for wrestling.

Alaska: No Carrying a Bow and Arrow in Bars

In Nome, Alaska, it's illegal to carry a bow and arrow in bars, despite bow and arrow hunting being permitted elsewhere in the state.

Arizona: No Camel Hunting

Arizona prohibits the hunting of camels, stemming from historical U.S. Army experiments with camels in the state.

California: No Wearing Masks or Disguises

In Walnut City, California, it's illegal to wear masks or disguises without permission, especially on Halloween.

Hawaii: No Texting and Walking

Honolulu, Hawaii, implemented a ban on texting while crossing the street to reduce pedestrian injuries.

Connecticut: No Kissing on Sundays

Hartford, Connecticut, has a law prohibiting men from kissing their wives on Sundays, although it's not heavily enforced.

Delaware: No Trick-or-Treating on Sundays

Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, reschedules Halloween trick-or-treating to the day before if October 31 falls on a Sunday.

Florida: No Internet Cafés

Florida's House Bill 155 effectively banned Internet cafés statewide in an effort to combat illegal gambling.