8 Ways To Celebrate National Smoothie Day At Work

Set up a DIY smoothie bar in the office kitchen or break room. Provide a variety of fresh fruits, yogurt, almond milk, and healthy add-ins.

Smoothie Bar Extravaganza

If your office has a local smoothie shop nearby, arrange for them to set up a sampling session in the office.

Smoothie Sampling Session

Hold a smoothie recipe contest where employees can submit their favorite smoothie recipes. Have a taste-testing session and vote for the best one.

Smoothie Recipe Contest

Organize a smoothie potluck where each person brings in a large batch of their favorite smoothie to share.

Healthy Smoothie Potluck

Invite a nutritionist or a smoothie expert to host a workshop on making nutritious and delicious smoothies.

Smoothie-making Workshop

Challenge teams of employees to create the most unique or best-tasting smoothie using a mystery box of ingredients.

Smoothie Challenge

Encourage employees to dress in smoothie-inspired colors, like shades of green, yellow, and purple, or even wear clothing with fruit or smoothie patterns.

Smoothie-themed Dress Code

Organize fun activities related to smoothies, such as smoothie-themed trivia quizzes or games like "Guess the Smoothie Ingredient."

Smoothie-Related Games and Trivia