8 World Coins That Are Worth More Than You Think

1. The 1943 Copper Penny (United States)

During World War II, a few copper pennies were mistakenly minted instead of the zinc-coated steel ones. These rare coins can be worth thousands of dollars.

2. The 1970-S Small Date Lincoln Penny (United States)

A small number of 1970-S pennies were minted with a small date, making them rare and valuable, especially in mint condition.

3. The 2002 Commonwealth Games £2 Coin (United Kingdom)

This coin features a mistake in the flag design, making it highly sought after by collectors and worth more than its face value.

4. The 2007 "Godless" Presidential Dollar Coin (United States)

Some 2007 Presidential Dollar coins were minted without the motto "In God We Trust," making them valuable to collectors.

5. The 1983 New Pence 2p Coin (United Kingdom)

In 1983, the Royal Mint mistakenly minted a small number of 2p coins with the old "New Pence" wording, making them valuable to collectors.

6. The 1992 Close AM Lincoln Penny (United States)

In 1992, a small number of pennies were minted with a close "AM" in "America" on the reverse side, making them rare and valuable.

7. The 2008 Beijing Olympics £2 Coin (United Kingdom)

This coin, issued to commemorate the Beijing Olympics, is sought after by collectors, especially the rarer versions with certain designs.

8. The 2000 "P" Nickel (United States)

In 2000, a small number of nickels were mistakenly minted with the "P" mintmark (for Philadelphia) instead of the usual "D" (for Denver), making them valuable to collectors.