9 European Towns That Are Like Stepping Into a Fairytale

Cassis, France

Nestled between vineyards and the Mediterranean, Cassis enchants with its chateau overseeing pastel-painted buildings around a scenic harbor.

Corfu Town, Greece

A photogenic blend of Venetian architecture and cobbled streets, Corfu Town boasts historic fortresses and a charming waterside park.

Sintra, Portugal

Home to the whimsical Pena Palace and surrounded by hills, Sintra also features the enchanting Quinta da Regaleira estate and Moorish fortress.

Bled, Slovenia

Set around Lake Bled with its picturesque island and castle, Bled offers a magical atmosphere enhanced by alpine views and delightful pastries.

Alberobello, Italy

Known for its unique Trulli houses with conical roofs, Alberobello invites visitors to explore its historic charm and enjoy authentic Italian cuisine.

Ghent, Belgium

Ghent captivates with well-preserved medieval architecture along canals, vibrant squares, and a rich culinary scene featuring Flemish specialties.

Santana, Madeira

Santana charms with its triangular cottages (palheiros), surrounded by lush valleys and majestic peaks on Madeira’s northern coast.

Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany

With half-timbered houses, medieval walls, and a fairy tale-like central square, Rothenburg ob der Tauber is a quintessential German gem.

Hallstatt, Austria

Situated by a glimmering lake and nestled amidst mountains, Hallstatt’s cobbled streets and pastel-hued homes create a truly enchanting setting.

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