9 Slang Words We Should Bring Back From The 1940s and 1950s!


Informal, nonstandard words or phrases used within particular groups or subcultures, characterized by creativity, novelty, and often transitory nature.


Slang for a telephone, originating from American actor Don Ameche, who played Alexander Graham Bell in a film.

Anchor Clanker:

Naval slang referring to sailors, likely originating from the sound of ship anchors being raised or lowered.


Slang for a girl, possibly originating from the idea of women being free-spirited like birds or a variation of "chick."

Bobbysox Brigade:

Term from the 1940s describing young girls who were fans of swing music and wore bobby socks while dancing.


Slang for sunglasses or reading glasses, implying a sneaky shortcut to clearer vision.


Slang for money, originating from Native American tribes' use of clams and shells as currency observed by European settlers.


Slang for a cute girl, possibly originating from the idea of someone being as appealing as a delicious dish of food.


Slang meaning not smart or nerdy, likely originating from the word "dope" meaning foolish or unintelligent.