The 8 Most Stunning Wedding Dresses in American History

Jacqueline Bouvier's Wedding Dress

Acqueline Bouvier married John F. Kennedy in Newport, Rhode Island, on September 12, 1953. Her beautiful wedding gown, designed by African-American fashion designer Ann Lowe.

Dolores Costello's Wedding Dress

A famous actor named John Barrymore was Drew's grandpa. This picture from 1928 shows him with his third wife, Dolores Costello, who was also her grandma.

Talitha Pol's Wedding Dress

From 1966 until her death in 1971, Talitha Pol was married to John Paul Getty Jr. She was an actress and dancer. He started the Getty Oil company with his father, Jean Paul Getty.

Laura Steinberg's Wedding Dress

Jonathan Tisch married Laura Steinberg in NYC's Central Synagogue in 1988. The New York Times covered their wedding, but they split. Jonathan's riches comes from his family's hotel enterprise, currently owned by Loews.

Cornelia Vanderbilt's Wedding Dress

Heiress Cornelia Venderbilt's 1924 wedding to British diplomat John Cecil was the party of the century, and took place at the family's famous Biltmore estate in Asheville. A whopping 2,500 people attended the reception.

Gloria Vanderbilt's First Wedding Dress

The famous saying "All Vanderbilt Women Have Pearls" refers to Gloria Vanderbilt, who was Anderson Cooper's mother. She married her first husband, Pat DiCicco, when she was only 17. She wore a famous set of Vanderbilt pearls.

Gloria Vanderbilt's Third Wedding Dress

Lumet was Gloria Vanderbilt's third spouse. They married in 1956 and divorced in 1963, therefore their relationship was brief. On her wedding day, Gloria looked gorgeous with a beige gown instead of the conventional white.

Miss Catherine Wood Campbell's Wedding Dress

In what was called Atlanta's wedding of the year, Catherine Wood Campbell married Randolph Apperson Hearst in 1938. Catherine was the only daughter of Morton Campbell, a wealthy telephone company executive