The Most and Least Expensive Puppy Breeds to Own


These tiny dogs are just a wispy 3 to 6 pounds, yet they’re no wallflowers. “Chihuahuas possess a larger-than-life personality, making them a vigilant and loyal companion.

Toy Manchester terrier

These teensy dogs were bred to hunt rats. Today, they might still have an itch to chase small critters, but it’s more out of curiosity. The breed is famous for being gentle.


These perpetually cheerful and affordable pups were bred to hunt in packs and, therefore, prefer to hang out with other pets and people rather.

German wirehaired pointer

The German wirehaired pointer (GWP) could be your new hiking buddy. This breed craves daily vigorous exercise, which means you can ditch the gym membership.


They get their trademark spots when they’re about 2 weeks old. Another interesting fact: “Some Dalmatians have a unique way of pulling back their.

Border collie

One of the most intelligent and adorable black-and-white dog breeds in spades. The breed’s herding skills are quite remarkable due to their intense stare.


When word got around in the mid-1800s that Queen Marie Henriette of Belgium had a cute black dog, everyone wanted one of their own. Schipperkes’ confident and curious nature.