The Most Famous Food Brands From Every State

Alabama - Wickles Pickles

Wickles Pickles from Dadeville, Alabama, stands out for its crispy chips and spicy flavor, created with apple cider vinegar brine and red chili peppers.

Alaska - Hidden Valley Ranch

Hidden Valley Ranch was created by plumber Steve Henson while working in the Alaskan bush to encourage his co-workers to eat their vegetables.

Arizona - Cold Stone Creamery

Cold Stone Creamery, founded in Tempe, Arizona, revolutionized ice cream by making it fresh in-house daily and mixing it on a granite slab chilled to 16 degrees, ensuring a high-quality product.

Arkansas - Jimmy Dean Sausage

Jimmy Dean, a former country star, founded Jimmy Dean Sausage in Springdale, Arkansas, after deciding to create the best sausage.

California - Diamond Nuts

Diamond Nuts, based in Stockton, California, has been a leading seller of non-GMO walnuts since 1912.

Connecticut - Pepperidge Farm

Pepperidge Farm was founded in Fairfield, Connecticut, by Margaret Rudkin, who started baking bread to help her son s allergies.