These Are Best Horse Breeds For Riding

American Quarter Horse

Known for their even temperament and versatility, these horses are popular choices for both English and Western riding disciplines.


With a reputation for speed and endurance, Arabians are also valued for their calm disposition, making them suitable for beginners, especially geldings.


Primarily bred for racing, thoroughbreds can be energetic and may not be ideal for inexperienced riders, although non-racing individuals can be calm and steady.

American Paint

A mix of American quarter horse, Paint horses are known for their calm temperament, intelligence, and social nature, making them great for families and children.


Versatile and attentive, Morgans are excellent family horses, forgiving for beginners and responsive to experienced riders, with few health issues.

Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse

Gaited for a smoother ride, these horses are favored by older riders or those with joint problems, known for their gentle temperament.

Missouri Fox Trotter Horse

Another gaited breed, Missouri Fox Trotters offer a comfortable ride with their unique foxtrot gait and are known for their friendly disposition, suitable for families.

Icelandic Horse

Resilient and sure-footed, Icelandic horses are long-lived and mature later than other breeds, known for their unique "tolt" gait and suitability for rocky terrain.