Top 9 Countries That Hate U.S. Tourists

The Argentine Post reports that 57% of Argentines distrust the US and its global policies. Economic and political imbalances fuel this resentment.


Pew Research Centre found that 57% of Malaysians disliked Americans in 2022. Misunderstandings of culture and US foreign policy shape these attitudes.


Over 150,000 killed in the $2 trillion US-funded Afghan war. 8% Pashtuns and 23% Tajiks approve of the US. Historical grievances and military occurrences shape these perspectives.


American tourists in China are seen negatively due to trade and human rights tensions, ranking 11th. Nationalistic feelings and media depictions affect public opinion.


With ongoing geopolitical tensions, 52% of Russians hold an unfavorable opinion of the US. Historical rivalries and political disagreements color these views.


Since the early 2000s, US foreign policy has been unpopular, exacerbated by the 2016 coup. Cultural diversity and regional conflicts affect diplomacy.


Tunisia's political difficulties with the US after the 2012 release of an anti-Islamic film affected American tourists. This view is influenced by religion and anti-Western prejudice.


Due to 2012 aid limitations and Middle East distrust, US engagement in Lebanon is unpopular. Regional and economic volatility effect public opinion.


Many Iraqis dislike Americans due to the US invasion and its aftermath. Economic challenges and security concerns shape these feelings.


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